why is SHE ASKS socially sustainable?

social sustainability refers to the health of social systems. a resilient system can be achieved through the improvement of human capital like through education, and strengthening social values. social sustainability is therefore about people. it aims to build a stable society in which all members can participate and human dignity as well as human rights for generations are guaranteed. SHE ASKS creates a platform in the synergy of design, material, empathy and social interactions in conversation - virtual and analogue. a place of personal remembrance, but also a place of the possibility to empathically recognize oneself in the in the other. and learning to see yourself in others brings us closer to a society where each and everyone can feel safe, seen and heard.

why do the products contain real leather?

all leathers SHE ASKS uses are either deadstock, scraps, remnants or recycled vintage material sourced in germany. real leather gives SHE ASKS the chance to realize objects who are durable, recycleable and repairable. SHE ASKS is willing to use deadstock leftovers instead of imitating alternatives which are not disposable, to create accessories who are made to pass on. on top, all objects are design to be repaired, since they are handsewn and structured to be a lifelong joy and beyond.

why is the term valuable that relevant for every SHE ASKS issue?

even when talking about critical social details and situations SHE ASKS focuses on memories of what is, was and will be valuable to all of us. let's create a memory database where we can find ourselves in memories of strangers and feel more close to each other than we thought is possible.